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During winters, we need our HVAC system to keep us warm and comfortable. Our heating ductwork is installed behind our walls and ceilings that are responsible for carrying heated air to every room. Thus, it is evident that the ducts can easily get dirty with time as regular air circulation brings in the dirt, pet hair, and dust into the system. Thus, it is essential to hire a duct cleaning service for the proper functioning of the system.

While an essential reason to clean the ducts is to improve the indoor air quality and reduce allergens, you might be surprised to know that timely duct cleaning can save money on your energy bills during winter. Check out the details below.

Improve air circulation

Every time you start the HVAC system, you have to pay for the energy it consumes for heating your home. Now dirty air duct restricts airflow, which prevents you from taking full benefits of the conditioned warmth. Simultaneously, a timely cleaned duct on the other side allows the system to transport the air efficiently. Thus, you feel a lot more comfortable during winters without spending much on energy bills.

Reduce wear and tear on HVAC equipment

The dirt and debris build-up cause poor air circulation through the ductwork, making the HVAC system work harder than necessary. This not only increases the monthly energy bill but will also increase the chances of wear and tear on the system and even lead to premature breakdown. However, with timely air duct cleaning in Minneapolis, you can avoid untimely repairs and premature replacements, meaning you get to save a lot of money in the long run.

Change your air filters less often

The filters work to trap dust, dirt, and debris entering the HVAC system. The reason is to prevent debris from damaging the heating equipment. During the winter season, when the system has higher efficiency, filters can remove even the smallest pollutants. Thus, it can improve indoor air quality.

Now when the duck is clean and less debris gets in the filter, it increases the filters’ longevity and saves you money. However, it is better to check the filter every 30 days and change it every 3 months for better results.

Find air leaks

Ductwork must be properly sealed to prevent any air leaks. However, despite being used for ducts, duct tape isn’t right as a duct ceiling material. In fact, when exposed to higher temperatures, the tape can lose its adhesive in a very short time.  But when you hire a cleaning service, the technician will test the duct for leaks and scrutinize the system for improperly installed duct sealant that allows the air to leak out and waste energy. Further, the use of the HVAC system for years can even result in holes, tears, or rips, which can be repaired and resealed to lower the energy bills during winter.

Spot installation issues

A duct must be well insulated to slow heat gains and loss. But in case your home was built before the duct became standard, then the system must be missing the important energy-saving feature. When you hire a cleaning service, the technician can easily spot any defects or issues and recommend necessary improvements to lower your energy bills and reduce the chances of system breakdown for many years.

Scheduling of air duct cleaning before winter to save money on energy bills

Now, as you know how timely air duct cleaning can help save money on energy bills during winter, it is better that you start your research to find a good duct cleaning company rather than trying a DIY. For, the best duct cleaning services connect with MN Air Duct Cleaners. Our professional cleaners are highly experienced and skilled to deliver quality end results. From inspecting the duct for damages to offering necessary repairs and maintenance services, our cleaners will do it all for you at a fair rate.

To ensure you don’t pay a huge amount on energy bills, schedule an appointment with us today. 

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