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Air Duct, Chimney, Dryer Vent & Carpet Cleaning In Plymouth

When your countertops are shiny, but your air ducts are dirty, your home (and its occupants) may feel unwell. While you may not give much thought to the systems “behind the wall," regular cleaning of your dryer vent, air ducts, chimney and carpets are a must for a safe and healthy home. MN Air Duct Cleaners is proud to offer fast, affordable and thorough services to homeowners in neighborhoods throughout Plymouth, including Fox Run, Steeplechase, Chelsea Woods, Parkers Lake, Clare Bridge, and more.


Premium Air Duct Cleaning Any Size House

(All supply vents/ducts cleaned.)

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Was $̶3̶9̶0̶  Now $199

Deep Air Duct Cleaning with Airwhip Entire House

( 35$ Per Vent + Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning)

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Was $̶50  Now $35


Chimney Cleaning Starting at $99 Call Now 612-230-1557


Dryer Vent Cleaning Start $99
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Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning can improve the quality of your indoor air and alleviate the symptoms of those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Our state-of-the-art equipment thoroughly cleans air ducts and the entire HVAC system to improve system efficiency and lower energy bills.

Chimney Cleaning

Annual chimney cleaning is recommended if you use your fireplace during frigid Minnesota winters. A professional cleaning will remove built-up soot, debris, and nests, and reduce the risk of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents are a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. MN Air Duct Cleaners offers fast and affordable dryer vent cleaning to help your dryer perform more efficiently, lower your energy bills, and reduce the risk of fire.

Carpet Cleaning

Give your Plymouth home a clean look and extend your carpet's life with professional carpet cleaning that removes stains and pet odors and extracts pollutants, dirt, dander and pollen for improved air quality.

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MN Air Duct Cleaners provides fast, affordable and thorough carpet cleaning, chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and air duct cleaning services to homeowners throughout the Minneapolis-St.Paul metro area.

“We have 5 kids, so if the dryer is not working properly, it’s a REAL problem! Our dryer was still under warranty so we called and a tech came out. He determined the issue wasn’t with the dryer but rather with the vent. We made a couple calls and settled on MN Air Duct Cleaning. A service member was out within 24 hours and took care of the cleaning for us. The gentleman who cleaned out the vent was quick and professional. We were very pleased and will call back for this service annually.”

Tessa U. Clare Bridge, Plymouth MN -
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